Heavenly Bodies: A heavenly debut

heavenly-bodiesSometimes you need an escape and books are the perfect vessel for the voyage.  Enter St. Croix, the star of Rochelle Allison’s debut YA novel, Heavenly Bodies.  As an avid reader of fanfiction and Allison’s previous ff works (more on that on another day), I was greatly looking forward to her original fiction work.  Anyone who knows Rochelle Allison, and I’m fortunate to call myself one of those people, knows that her love of the land that spent her formative years, St. Croix, is beloved to her.  Most of us can only dream of living in such an idyllic setting, but fortunately, through her novel, we get a chance to live vicariously through Isla Kelley, the main character in Heavenly Bodies.

Isla finds herself in every teenagers worst nightmare—having to move just before their senior year.  But Isla doesn’t make just any move, she finds herself moving from Atlanta to St. Croix, where her mother grew up, to help care for her ailing grandfather.  Caught in between her life in the states and her new life in St. Croix in a private school, Isla is fortunate enough to have a built in friend through her cousin Camille.  Through Camille, Isla is shown the ins and outs of life in St. Croix as well as the tiny school she is now expected to graduate from.

If you are anything like me, I love YA novels, especially coming of age novels set in and around high school.  There is something about the nostalgia and angst of being taken back to the time period.  First loves, first tryst with alcohol, and first…everythings.  Allison is a master at captivatingly telling slow burning love stories and she delivers just that in her debut novel, Heavenly Bodies.  The setting of St. Croix is just the cherry on top.

***After reading Heavenly Bodies, don’t miss out on Allison’s collaboration For The Win.***



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