An Unrequited Love Story: Unbreak My Heart


To say Unbreak My Heartthat I couldn’t put down this book is an understatement.  I read it in a day and that was in between taking breaks because I was stopping myself from throwing my Kindle against a wall.  Unbreak My Heart is the epitome of unrequited love.  Katie develops feelings for her childhood friend Shane who then falls in love with Katie’s college roommate. Shane then marries Katie’s friend all the while Katie still harbors feelings of love and resentment to Shane.  While Shane is deployed overseas, Katie helps her best friend with raising their children and playing surrogate parent.  However, Katie’s best friend dies in a car accident leaving Shane with four children under the age of 8 and desperately leaning on Katie.

I’m sure you can figure out where this is going.  Refreshingly, it was not insta-love between Katie and Shane.  However, their journey together is about as crazy and infuriating as insta-love.  Through a series of very unfortunate (or are they fortunate?) mistakes, Katie becomes so entwined in Shane and the kids’ lives that lines are blurred not only among the kids but between Katie and Shane as well.  Despite Shane relying heavily on Katie to become the surrogate parent, his feelings of Katie’s role in the kids’ life and his own are conflicted.  He subsequently makes a series of mistakes that will leave you (remember from above?) wanting to throw your e-reader.  Despite this, I couldn’t stop reading to find out how Shane was going to redeem himself and if he even wanted Katie to forgive him.  Although he his grieving for the loss of his wife and while some of his actions could be blamed on that grief—there is only so much Katie can take.

Unbreak My Heart will undoubtedly break your heart in the process of reading this book.  For me, the angst in this book is the perfect kind—the kind that makes want to keep reading into the wee hours of the night to get through it.  Although some will argue that Katie is too forgiving, I was surprised that Nicole Jacquelyn did not tie things up into a pretty bow at predictable parts in the book.  Instead, the story and drama between Katie and Shane unfolded throughout the course of the book and developed over time. This added to the believability of the story and halted the sometimes eye-roll worthy moments of plots of this nature.  However, there were a few plot holes for me.  For one, I couldn’t understand Shane’s actions toward Katie later in life could happen if they were so close in high school as the author lays out.  Secondly, although Shane’s actions could certainly be blamed on grief, it did not seem that the book covered enough grief—through Shane, Katie, or the children’s actions. Despite these few problems, Unbreak My Heart surpassed my expectations and gave great angst!