Happy People Who Read and Drink Coffee Should Not Read This Book


Happy People Who Read and Drink Coffee—isn’t that a great title (aren’t you thinking “that’s me! That’s me!”)? Intriguing right?  My hopes were so high for this book.  They’re making a movie out of this book.  It’s experienced international success.  A US publisher picked up the rights to this book.  All of this, including the books description, has all the makings of a great read.  And, in fact, the first half of this book had great potential.  The story building was there.  The plot intriguing–Diane, the novel’s protagonist and Parisian owner of the bookstore Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, finds herself in the depths of grief after her husband and young daughter are killed in a car accident.  After wallowing in her pain for a year and becoming a recluse, Diane decides to move to a remote town in Ireland in order to save herself.

While in Mulraney, Ireland, Diane befriends her new landlord and makes enemies with her insolent neighbor who is as much as a recluse as Diane. What ensues is a series of meetings between Edward and Diane that eventually evolves to a tentative friendship followed by love.  Read the book if you wish, but I found the relationship between Edward and Diane to be full of plot holes and many, many things that left me scratching my head, if not a little mad at the main character.  The only part that I was happy about was the fact that this book was so short—you should be able to read it in the time it takes to drink a few cups of coffee.