Broken Prince: Royal cliffhanger hangover

Broken PrinceIt’s here! It’s here!  I don’t know how you have survived the MONTHS of anticipation after the cliffhanger of a book that was Paper Princess.  The highly anticipated sequel, Broken Prince, does not disappoint.  In fact, the only disappointing thing is how hard of a book this is to review.  Not because I didn’t love it, but because I don’t want to spoil it.  And it’s not that far into the second book when you get to the first big spoiler, the first among many.  What I can say is that, thankfully, we don’t have to wait that long to find Ella.  (Hint: she didn’t get that far)  In the first book, Paper Princess, I said that book reminded me of a cross between Cruel Intentions and Gossip Girl.  For Broken Prince, I would add the TV show Revenge into the mix.  Remember that show?


Gosh…it had the craziest story lines but you still couldn’t stop watching!  This is how I feel about this series.  Just when you didn’t think anything else could go wrong…plot twist!  Broken Prince goes Revenge in the very first chapter and just like the TV show, you have to keep watching, err reading, to find out what happens.

Revenge son of a bitch gif

           How I felt reading the plot twists.

I loved that we found out more of Gideon’s story in Broken Prince.  Although the twins play minor roles in this book, I definitely wouldn’t mind a spin-off series all to their own.  Easton is still in the mix and he deserves his own book series too.  And if you think that author Erin Watt didn’t leave you wanting more after the first book, then book two delivers a cliffhanger for all cliffhangers.

Looking at you, author Erin Watt.

Looking at you, author Erin Watt.

Fear not though, book three is due out in October.  If you are looking for a series to capture your attention in the same vein as Gossip Girl, you will not be disappointed.  Until October…..XoXo.

Revenge help us all

Till October.