For The Win: An Olympic Themed Winner

For the WinIf you’re anything like me, sometimes you get in the mood for a specific type of fiction.  Sometimes you need something that will make you cry, sometimes something light-hearted and funny, and sometimes you need some action.  I often find myself craving sport themed fiction at the start of a new sport season which is why For The Win, by Rochelle Allison and Angel Lawson came at the perfect time.  If you’ve been consumed with the Olympics like the rest of the world and simultaneously are looking for a great book, this one wins.

For The Win features brother and sister soccer phenoms, Julian and Allie, who have aspirations of playing in the Olympics.  Allison and Lawson did a brilliant job of turning a sports themed novel into one that anyone would want to read.  They beautifully built this multi-layered story with plenty of suspense, character development, and intrigue to keep you reading.  I loved that this book was not predictable.  I thought I knew the outcome but was pleasantly surprised in the direction that the novel took.

Not only do you have the intrigue of brother/sister Olympic soccer hopefuls, but their childhood friend, Melina, is also a serious soccer Olympic contender.  Couple their aspirations with Julian and Melina’s romantic history and you have a great plot.  However, Julian is battling his own bad-boy past that has left him as the disdain of the soccer world due to his self-implosion.  At first, this plot seems predictable and entertaining.  However, the author’s ability to build a story and weave together characters, drama, and a plot that you didn’t see coming makes this book different from the rest.

For The Win is a great debut novel from Allison and Lawson that couldn’t come at a better time–and price.  It’s free on Kindle Unlimited!