The Sun is Also a Star: Bright and Dim

Nominated for GoodReads Best Young Adult Fiction of 2016, The Sun is Also a Star is a poignant, sweet take on young adult love while exploring much more complex adult issues. Natasha, an undocumented immigrant, finds herself facing deportation amid her father’s missteps. Unwilling to accept their fate, Natasha seeks out a solution at the local immigration office in New York where they live. Meanwhile, Daniel, an American-born son of Korean immigrants finds himself on his way to entrance interview with an alumni for Yale where his parents have determined he will study to become a doctor.

While Natasha and Daniel are facing very different futures, their paths cross by a series of events that Daniel questions as to whether or not fate and destiny exist. Are all of life’s moments carefully orchestrated to lead up to the next to impact outcomes and events? Nicola Yoon successfully weaves a novel that tackles important philosophical issues through witty banter, short chapters, and insightful side characters/musings. Natasha is delightful in her scientific outlook on life whereas Daniel is determined to make Natasha a believer in love.

Yoon provides an insightful look into immigrant life amid the backdrop of New York City. Natasha and Daniel’s journey takes place over one day that is richly layered with details and characters. Although this book is a relatively quick read, this young adult novel hints at more sophisticated issues. However, the saccharine ending places The Sun is Also a Star firmly in the Young Adult category.


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